Utahns Hungry for a New Voice to Take on McAdams

July 29, 2019

Anderson Campaign Releases First Poll in Fourth Congressional Race

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Today, the Kathleen for Utah campaign released a district-wide poll surveying Republican voters about next year’s election for the 4th congressional district.

With just under a year until the election, the campaign reports these key findings from the poll:

  • With 85% of voters undecided on whom they would vote for, this race is wide open.
  • No candidate reaches out of the single digits of support.
  • A majority of voters prefer an outsider candidate instead of an elected official.
  • Name ID among the non-elected officials is higher than those of the career politicians seeking higher office.

It’s clear that though undecided on who, Utahns are hungry for a new voice to take on Rep. McAdams in next year’s general election.

“Notably, the elected officials contemplating a run start out with very little name ID or base of support,” stated Patrick Ruffini of Echelon Insights who conducted the poll on behalf of the Anderson campaign. He added that the voters surveyed, “vastly prefer to nominate a political outsider with experience outside elected office to a political insider with experience in elected office.”

An outsider making her first run for elected office, our campaign is now even more confident that Kathleen will be able to build consensus among Utahns and gain their support in this election.

For more information and findings from this poll, see full memo here.

Echelon Insights interviewed 400 likely Republican primary voters in Utah’s 4th district from July 17 to 21, 2019, sampled off the Utah voter file. Interviews were conducted using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to landline telephones (65% of the sample) and via text-to-web technology to cell phones (35%). Results were weighted to the known demographic and turnout propensity characteristics of a June 2020 Republican primary electorate.